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Surgical Resources: The History of Surgery

One of the medical marvels of the modern world is the ability to perform the most complicated surgeries, which in many cases can save people’s lives or at the least, improve their quality of lives. Modern surgery can be performed by surgeons completing the operations by hand or through the use of robotics and other modern methods.

However, in the history of surgery, some of the biggest improvements have been in the areas of providing anesthesia for the patients, improving on the use of sutures to limit the loss of blood, improvements in combating infection and the use of medicine to control pain after the surgery.  These developments have been crucial in the advancement of surgery over the years. With these key components, the success rate of the surgeries has been dramatically improved.

Surgery History

Surgical Instruments


  • Anesthesia Overview – a general look at how anesthesia plays an important role in medicine and surgery.
  • Anesthesia – informative resource covering a number of topics pertaining to anesthesia.
  • Definition – information and brief definition on what anesthesia is and how it works.
  • Overview – types and uses of anesthesia are discussed in this informative resource.
  • How Anesthesia Works – information on how it works and other related topics.

Pain Management

Infection Control

  • Infection Control – resource covering many topics on infection and control.
  • Infection Control – information from NY State Department of Health on controlling infection.
  • Guidelines – collection of resources from the CDC containing guidelines to infection control.
  • Infection Index – selection of infections and information on them.
  • Hospital Infection Control – information on how hospitals are working to combat infection.

Modern Surgery