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Understanding Evidence Based Health Care

Surgical Technologist Guides: Learning About Evidence-Based Health Care

One unique way to treat patients is with evidence-based health care, practice, or medicine, as it is a relatively new concept within the medical community. Evidence-based medicine (EBM) collects evidence and uses scientific method to form a clinical decision regarding a patient’s health. However, EBM is not a direct diagnosis of a condition or disease, but rather, a dialysis of how a treatment is likely to affect a patient.  The following is a directory of resources on evidence-based health care. These articles with provide background, history, insight, and methodologies in this new branch of medicine. The clinical trial articles will explore the different approaches EBM has taken, revealing methods that have worked as well as those that have failed. Other articles will provide discussion, commentary, and analysis on EBM, as there are advocates for and against this new approach. As our goal is to provide you with the best resources on surgical technology in healthcare, compiled below are a list of useful websites where you will be able to come to your own criticisms and conclusions about evidence-based practice.

Application of Evidence-Based Medicine

  • Description of evidence-based health care or evidence-based practice
  • Description of what evidence-based medicine is and is not
  • Descriptions and links relating to evidence-based health care
  • Introduction and tutorial on evidence-based practice
  • A lecture-slideshow on evidence-based health care
  • An article relating to evidence-based health care
  • Instructions for students of evidence-based health care
  • List of symposia and events related to evidence-based health care
  • Tutorial on evidence-based medicine
  • Practice guide for evidence-based medicine
  • Evidence-based safety and quality care handbook for nurses
  • Website with information and links relating to evidence-based medicine
  • Website with evidence-based medicine instructions, information, and resources
  • Tools and steps in using evidence-based medicine
  • Care guidelines based on evidence-based medicine

Scholarly Resources on Evidence-Based Health Care

  • Index of articles and links to help apply evidence-based medicine
  • Research paper studying the societal influences on the use of evidence-based medicine
  • Some of the common terms and their definitions related to evidence-based medicine
  • An alphabetic list of terms associated with evidence-based medicine and their definitions
  • List of terms, abbreviations, and acronyms related to evidence-based medicine with descriptions
  • Article discussing the benefits of evidence-based medicine
  • Article discussing why patients are unlikely to appreciate evidence-based medicine
  • Article noting drawbacks to evidence-based medicine
  • Research abstract discussing evidence-based medicine fifteen years after its inception
  • Research article pointing out some of the flaws in evidence-based medicine and its evidence
  • An article on the history of evidence-based medicine
  • Research article discussing problems with moving from evidence to practice of treatment
  • Article on the history of evidence-based medicine from the World Journal of Surgery
  • Website for evidence-based emergency medicine
  • Article on the possibility of evidence-based surgery
  • Center for evidence-based pathology
  • Discussion of evidence-based dentistry with resources
  • Short discussion of evidence-based obstetrics and gynecology
  • Website for evidence-based pediatrics
  • Evidence-based practices as they relate to neurosciences with links to other resources
  • An article on the legal ramifications of evidence-based medicine
  • Article on the problems inherent in evidence-based medicine
  • Links to resources relating to evidence-based medical education
  • Journal focused on evidence-based medicine
  • Index of journals relating to evidence-based medicine
  • Article discussing politics and evidence-based medicine
  • Article discussing the evidence aspect of evidence-based medicine
  • Lists of books and articles on evidence-based medicine
  • Website focused on providing evidence for health care providers

Clinical Trials

  • Blog discussing the data from medical trials and the use of that data
  • Directory of active clinical trials from around the world
  • FAQs on clinical trials
  • How to find a cancer clinical trial
  • Slideshow describing a clinical trial
  • Article on problems in drug trials
  • Article on the change in population of clinical trials
  • Reading and evaluating the a study and its results
  • Locating and appraising research and studies
  • Evaluating medical data and the claims