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What Are the Salary Prospects for Surgical Technologists?

Working as a surgical technologist is a great way to make a living in the medical field and play a supporting role in vital operations. In May 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average annual wage for certified surgical technologists was $40,070. The lowest 10 percent of earners recorded salaries of $27,510, while the top 10 percent saw earnings of $54,300. General hospitals, which were the top employer of surgical technologists, offered an average of salary of $39,770, while the fifth-highest employer, specialty hospitals, paid out average salaries of $42,420 to certified surgical techs.

Salary is also commensurate with experience and training, so a rookie surgical tech with no certification is going to make a lot less than a certified surgical technologist with several years of hands-on experience. For instance, a recent survey showed that surgical technologists with less than a year’s experience can expect to earn between $25,616 and $35,537, while surgical techs with at least 20 years on the job can earn between $33,577 and $53,493.

Your salary as a surgical technologist is also dependent upon your region of the country. For instance, median salaries for surgical techs in Houston topped out around $49,964, while surgical techs in Atlanta recorded median salaries up to $61,042. There are many different determining factors that will affect your salary as a surgical technologist, but the bottom line is that it’s a rewarding career for certified techs looking to become an important part of the medical field.